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Client Testimonials

As a house cleaner I use 1cloths on most everything. Windows, mirrors, facets, countertops, appliances any hard surface.
I keep a separate one for each bathroom and Kitchen.I may clean 4 or 5 houses a day. At the end of the day I just throw them in the wash or rinse them out. They are ready to reuse the next day.



I bought a 1cloth at the Showcase in Petawawa. At first, I was sceptical. When I used it at home, I could not believe my eyes. The mirrors and windows were absolutely perfect. I ended up cleaning all the windows in the house. It took about a quarter of the time it normally used to take and they were streak free and clear.
I went back the next day and bought ten more as gifts for Christmas.



I cleaned all my LP records. Nothing I ever found works as well as the 1cloth. Does a great job on my motorcycle also.
Thanks Steve for recommending this. I know you said windows but it works so well on so many other things. I love the fact it is not harmful to the environment

Richard M, Perth


I could never get my stainless steel appliances clean until now. I keep one in almost every room of the house. Why not? They are cheaper than towels and chemicals and work better. Love the 1cloth for my car windshield.

Bobbi W,Calgary