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Every day we are inundated with products and claims from companies that their products are green. How does the average person know? The fact is with cleaning products, the most important consideration should be its effectiveness. Using an environmentally responsible product is important. Also the cost of a product is a consideration in these times. Many people have sensitivities to scents and chemicals. If you can satisfy all of the above criteria, you have a product worth using.

How can I know ?


I have the same concerns. HOWEVER

I also own a janitorial and carpet cleaning business. Therefore if a product doesnít meet our standards, we find out very quickly. We may clean 25 houses a week, commercial establishments, plus institutions and retirement homes. We do in a week what a homeowner does in 2 years. Over the course of many years we have found and use products that we feel are safe, responsible and clean better than off-the- shelf chemicals from your supermarket. We now can offer these products for sale with complete confidence.

I believe that recycling and reusing as much as possible is a good principle. That is why I love the reusable 1cloth.

I think shipping is an extra burden on the planet. We use products that come in concentrated form. Sometimes they are mixed in ratios of up to sixty to one. Many of our products are mixed at 20 to 1.

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Their ready to use spray bottle.

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The answer to what is better for the environment is obvious, even if the products are both presented as green.

I am not an environmental activist. I am just one person trying to do the right thing. I believe that given the choice you will to.


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